Enduring Witness

Scripture, Story, and the Restoration of Israel


Daniel Training Network (DTN) – is an online biblical resource center that has the vision to equip the church to follow Jesus faithfully until He returns.

Gospel of Christ Crucified | John Harrigan – Book. A  systematic presentation of the gospel, similar to a biblical theology, but arranged thematically to communicate the timeline of redemptive history. Beginning in Genesis and concluding in Revelation, it outlines the worldview of Jewish apocalypticism and holistically integrates a theology of the cross and martyrdom.

The Watch Redding | Bill Sofield – A prayer based community in Redding, CA where Bill serves as an elder. Audio and notes from community Bible studies are regularly posted.

Joshua Hawkins – a personal website with written, audio, and video resources. In particular the Opening Up the Gospels Video Series that has over 150 accessible videos that chronologically explore the life of Jesus in the Gospels.

Testimonio Fiel | Henry Bruno – online articles and teachings in Spanish.

Witness of His Worth | David & Kirsten Rickman – personal ministry site with Bible teaching and blog posts.

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